SPY Gadgets | 4K Hidden Camera Spy Camera Home Surveillance Nanny Cam DVR Room Freshener | Xtreme Life HD 2160P Hidden Video Camera Battery Operated with Motion Activation

Price: $359.99
(as of Feb 17,2019 08:13:05 UTC – Details)

Spy Camera Indoor Home Surveillance DVR Room Freshener | XTREME Life HD 2160P 4K Hidden Video Camera Battery Operated with Motion Activation

The hidden indoor surveillance room freshener now gives you (2880 x 2160) 4K high resolution, 128GB video storage capacity, and a super wide angle 140 degree lens.

A 90 day standby life battery will give you 16 hours of constant recording but the body heat sensing PIR motion sensor will only activate and use battery power when motion is detected.

The Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection sensor puts the DVR and Camera into a hibernation mode to save battery life when waiting for movement.

Once motion is detected, the DVR and camera will start up and begin recording within a few seconds. The system returns to hibernation mode once motion is no longer detected.

TV Video Out and Menu Based Programming. Concealed behind the ordinary, everyday disguise, your 4K Hidden Camera is really a fully programmable, very customizable security DVR system that rivals those found being used in high-end installations around the world. The included video out cable and remote control lets you use your existing TV to program the internal DVR board using our menu-based system.

Mac and PC Compatible. The system saves your files as an AVI. To review the recorded video simply remove the memory card from the camera and use your Mac or PC to view the video.


* Up to 4K Resolution
* 90 Day Standby Battery Life
* 16 Hour of Continuous Battery Life
* Various Resolution and Frame Rate Adjustable
* Motion Activated Recording
* Time and Date Overlay
* Up to 128GB Memory Card Capacity
* Memory Card Overwrite or Stop When Full
* Composite Video Out Port for Programming on your TV
* IR Remote Control for Menu Based Programming
* AVI File Type: Plays with Your Existing Video Player🎥[ STUNNING 4K HIDDEN HD QUALITY VIDEO + 120 FPS ] – For Spectacular Image Quality – The Ultimate Video Quality Possible. Capture pristine detail for brilliant visual experience. All video recorded in crisp super clear 4K HD quality color video using powerful high speed Sony IMX326 sensor. This ensures you’ll be able to make out all details of activity in room you’re recording with incredibly fluid, smooth motion at up to 120 Frames Per Second
🏮[ PASSIVE INFRARED MOTION ACTIVATED – TIME/DATE STAMP ] – Records All The Action with Time/Date Stamp For Quick ID Provides Unquestionable Proof – All of the video and recorded video files have time and date stamped directly onto the video. This provides clear-cut proof of exactly when the event occurred.
📺[ EASY TO USE SETTINGS FOR TV PLAYBACK OR FROM ANY COMPUTER ] – Nothing complicated here. The hidden camera is ready-to-go out of the box. Simply unpack, plug into an outlet. You’re all set. If you need to change a setting, using a single included video cable, simply connect to any TV or monitor, and use the included remote. This is also a great way to place the hidden camera and ensure the shot is setup to capture everything you need. 1 Year Warranty – Free Lifetime USA Based Support.
🔋[ 90-DAY STANDBY LONG LIFE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY MEANS NO VISIBLE WIRES ] – Quickly drop-and-go your hidden camera or place it in an area where outlets are not an option. System comes with a removable and rechargeable battery that gives you up to 90 days of juice on stand-by when you choose the motion activation setting or up to 16 hours of battery life on continuous recording.
📼[ RECORD WEEKS OF HD 4K VIDEO ONTO A REMOVABLE SD CARD ] – Supports up to 128GB Micro SD Card. Amazing detail captured never missing a moment. Incredible 120° Field of View. You’ll be able to see most of room edge to edge without missing any video evidence desired. All video recorded in AVI format using h.264 compression with time/date stamped files for easy saving, emailing or playback on your PC or Mac computer.

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